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How do I best contact the agency for an appointment?
Dec. 21, 2011
CALL 313-496-2000! Incoming phone calls are handled with the care and quality that you have come to expect. If you submit an email there is a good possibility that it will be over looked.

Is my information kept private?
Dec. 21, 2011
The answer is yes, all information is kept confidential. Your privacy is very important to us!

What if I want to know about some particular kind of service… how do I ask?
Dec. 21, 2011
Any questions about illegal activities of any kind will not be addressed. What you do or discuss with the young lady in private is a matter between two individuals as consenting adults and it not sponsored by the agency.

What is included in the “rate?”
Dec. 21, 2011
It is a flat-rate and no tipping is necessary. If you feel particularly appreciative, you are welcome to offer a tip, but it should in no way be construed to be a contingency for any kind of “additional” service. Money exchanged is for the young lady’s time and companionship only.

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